Braces / Orthodontics Treatment

Braces / Orthodontics treatment
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Affordable braces for adults and children in Jacksonville, FL
Bahri Orthodontics makes getting braces affordable for every family member who needs them. Average monthly payments of $140.00 and interest-free financing make it easy. We accept most insurance plans. Call today for a free consultation and the best treatment and braces for you. We also specialize in two kinds of invisible braces: Hidden Braces™ is Dr. Bahri’s own innovative system. Hidden Braces work “behind the scenes” giving you the benefit of traditional braces without the visible appliances, so the only thing that people will see is your improved smile day after day.
Early Treatment
Some children require orthodontic treatment at a young age in order to correct problems caused by habits (thumb sucking, tongue thrusting), and to prevent future need for braces by intercepting unfavorable growth patterns. Dr. Gaby Bahri can evaluate your child at any age to determine when treatment is needed, and he will make sure that your child is treated at the most appropriate age. Still, there is no age limit to investing in a healthy, attractive smile. With the advent of discreet treatments such as Hidden Braces™ and Simply Clear™, more and more adults are also enjoying the benefits of orthodontic treatment.
The other invisible treatment that we offer is Invisalign, a treatment that is comparable to Invisalign®, but is more precise because the trays are fabricated in our on-site laboratory. Invisalign, available exclusively at our office in Jacksonville, FL, is an invisible alternative to braces. We fabricate removable, clear, custom trays in our laboratory to transform your smile in as few as 6 months. With Invisalign, you can eat and clean your teeth as you normally would because the trays are removable. And because Invisalign trays are invisible, they’re perfect for adults or teens who may be apprehensive about ortho treatment because of the look of traditional braces.
Micro Implants
Dr. Gaby Bahri was the first dentist in Northeast Florida to perform the Micro Implant procedure, and continues to be one of the foremost teachers of the procedure worldwide. He also performs the procedure more frequently than any other doctor in the Jacksonville area. What are Micro Implants? Micro Implants are tiny pins that are placed inside the mouth in the jaw bone, and act as skeletal anchorage so that the teeth can be moved without the use of headgear. Once treatment is completed, the micro implants are removed. Micro Implants make hidden braces possible.
  • What are the benefits of micro implants? 
    Less treatment time and patients never have to wear headgear.

  • Are micro implant procedures painful? No. 
    We use a local anesthetic to numb the area and most patients report no pain throughout the procedure.

  • How long will I have the micro implants? 
    Micro implants are used for 6-12 months in most cases for orthodontic treatment.
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