Braces / Orthodontics Treatment

Braces / Orthodontics treatment
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Affordable, quality braces for adults and children in Jacksonville, FL
Bahri Orthodontics makes getting braces and quality orthodontic care affordable for every family member who needs them. Our average monthly payments are about $140.00 and we offer interest-free financing. We also accept most insurance plans. We lead with cost considerations because we know the bottom line is especially important these days, but rest assured that quality is always top of mind. Dr. Gaby Bahri is an industry leader and we are committed to innovative products and exceptional care. Call us at (904) 448-9669 for a no-obligation, free screening today. 
Early Treatment
According to the American Association of Orthodontists, your child should be checked by age 7 to spot subtle problems with jaw growth and emerging teeth while some baby teeth are present. These orthodontic screenings often enable us to provide early intervention solutions for problems caused by habits (thumb sucking, tongue thrusting) or even to prevent a future need for braces by intercepting unfavorable growth patterns. Dr. Gaby Bahri offers free screenings to establish a baseline and ensure that your child is treated at the most appropriate age. 

If you’re an adult interested in braces for yourself, Bahri Orthodontics is here for you too. With the advent of discreet treatments such as Invisalign® and Hidden Braces, more and more adults are also enjoying the benefits of orthodontic treatment.

Bahri Orthodontics also offers Invisalign® treatment. Invisalign® uses clear trays that are molded to your teeth – rather than metal brackets and wires – to offer a more aesthetic method of straightening teeth. Because these trays are removable, you also benefit from being able to eat and clean your teeth as you normally would. This virtually invisible course of treatment is an especially ideal option for adults who have always wanted to improve their smiles, but were concerned about the look of traditional braces in social and business situations. 
Hidden Braces
In addition to the Invisalign® option, Dr. Gaby Bahri was the first orthodontist in Northeast Florida to utilize Hidden Braces and continues to be one of the foremost teachers of the method worldwide. Hidden Braces work “behind the scenes,” giving you the benefit of traditional braces without the visible appliances, so the only thing that people will notice is your improving smile. Ask about it at your free screening and he will let you know if you are a good candidate for this innovative option. 
The Right Fit For You
Why choose us? The answer is simple – we listen to your goals, work hard to meet your budget and find the right type of braces for your particular needs. We understand you only want to have braces once, yet showcase your beautiful smile forever. So, we will do everything possible to provide you with lasting, beautiful results. We get it – and we will make sure you get the service and quality treatment you deserve. 
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