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About our oral hygiene services in Jacksonville, FL
Sometimes, it takes a dental referral to feel confident that you’re dealing with the best. After all, a dental referral is the best compliment a dentist or orthodontist can receive! Below you will find links to articles that have been written about our offices in Jacksonville, FL and the oral hygiene services that we offer. For more on Lean Dentistry, check out the book Follow the Learner written by Dr. Sami Bahri. The book has won the 2010 Shingo Prize for Research and Professional Publication.
Dr. Sami Bahri, DDS runs a private dental practice in Jacksonville, Florida and is the first dentist known to utilize Lean Management techniques to continuously improve the delivery of quality dental care. Dr. Bahri has been called “The Leanest Dentist on the Planet.” This implementation has benefited patients, employees, dental laboratories, suppliers, etc. In 2006, Bahri Dental Group provided the same amount of dental treatments as 2005, but needed 40 percent less resources, thanks to the application of “Lean Dental Management.” Download this Professional Practice EBook.
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